Storytelling through creative, emotional images.

Who we are

ZZYZX produces short and long form visual content that emotionally inspires and calls attention to the needs of our environment and humanity.Read more

What we do

We provide inspirational and empowering digital content for all audiences. Read more

Our work

We offer Script to screen production specializing in Commercial, Reality and Documentary productions. Read more

Got something to say?

We would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or just want to say hi. Read more


Why name our company ZZYZX Films?

ZZYXZ is as a tribute to my grandparents Joy & Dave Donaldson.  I felt what better way to honor the two people in my life that gave me so much as to name my company after a fond memory as a child growing up in Las Vegas. Summer vacation traveling from Las Vegas to California and back, Joy, Dave and I we would drive on Interstate 15 past that iconic “ZZYZX Road Exit” sign.  Passing the sign in the motorhome I’d ask Joy, “how do you say that that word? ” Joy would always offer the proper pronunciation and it just stuck with me. Seemed that every time we passed that sign I would ask. So, as a tribute to them I decided to name our production company “ZZYZX Films Inc”.  Every day I find some reason to reflect on the many great memories and lessons they both gave me.



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